Terms and Conditions

Each hire is governed by these terms and conditions.


No booking is confirmed until paid for in full or until written confirmation is received from Drone Hire. Written confirmation will typically be in the form of an email advising you that the booking has been confirmed.

Hire period

You agree to return the drone and accessories to Drone Hire within 3 business days of the end of the hire period. If the drone and accessories are not returned within 3 business days of the end of the hire period Drone Hire reserves the right to continue to charge hire at the daily rate for each drone not returned until all drones and accessories are returned to Drone Hire. You agree that this is a fair way of compensating Drone Hire for the disruption caused to other customers and the normal flow of business.

Security bond

You may be required to pay a bond for each drone hired. This bond will be refunded to your nominated New Zealand bank account or credit card on safe return of all drones and accessories.

Freight & courier

You agree to pay Drone Hire to cover the cost of freight from Drone Hire's Auckland base to your nominated location(s) in New Zealand. You agree to arrange and pay for the cost of return freight to Drone Hire's nominated adddress, unless Drone Hire provides a pre-paid courier service. You agree to send the drone and accessories via a courier service that is fully-insured for the value of the drone and accessories using only packaging provided by Drone Hire. Drone Hire will not be held responsible for delays in the courier network; or held responsible for delays resulting from the action or inaction of Drone Hire's nominated courier service.

Terms of payment

Full payment of all hire fees and bond is required before release of the drone and accessories to you. Overdue payments may attract interest at commercial rates. Unpaid invoices may be passed to a collection agency 45 days after the due date of the invoice.

Responsibility for equipment

You are responsible for the drone and accessories from the time they are delivered to you until the time Drone Hire receives them back.

Damage, modifications, and repair

You agree to pay Drone Hire for the repair of any damage that Drone Hire believes is not normal wear and tear. "What line, you ask? Well, as a Supreme Court Justice once said, "I'll know it when I see it". And we think that you will also know it when you cross it." You will not attempt to modify or repair the drone or accessories under any circumstances.


You will not hold Drone Hire liable in any event for any damages (including immediate, incidental or consequential damages) or losses you may suffer arising from matters related to the use of the equipment by any person during the period of hire.


Drone Hire permits you, and only you, to operate the drone. For any other individual to operate the drone express permission must be sought, and obtained, from Drone Hire in writing. You understand that operation of a drone is legally regulated and as such you agree to abide by all applicable regulations. These regulations include: (a) Flying only in daylight (b) Being able to see the drone with your own eyes at all times (c) Not flying above 120 metres (d) Not flying within four kilometres (4 km) of an airport (e) Not flying above people, property or land without consent from the individual and/or owner The operation of drones is regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority. You can read part 101 of these regulations online. You can contact the CAA by telephoning +64 4 560 9400 or by emailing [email protected].


In the event that the drone is confiscated (e.g by the CAA or NZ Police) you agree to immediately pay Drone Hire for the full replacement value of the drone and accessories. You agree that ownership of the confiscated drone does not pass to yourself. Drone Hire may refund any or all monies paid at their sole discretion on return of the confiscated drone and accessories.

Ownership of equipment

Drone Hire will retain ownership of all drones and accessories at all times.

Cancellation of hire

Drone Hire may cancel the hire of any or all drones and/or accessories at any time by providing written notice. Hire costs for the remaining hire period will be refunded pro-rata.